S E A F O O D TEMPLE in Portugal

If you are looking for the best local seafood in town don’t look any further, Cervejaria Ramiro (in Lisbon) is the place to indulge! Feel free to take a sneak peek through the glass cabinets display the fabulous lobster, tiger prawns, oysters, crabs, huge red scarlet shrimp and of course, the classics in every Portuguese restaurant: clams and percebes (barnacles) Cervejaria Ramiro is well visited by tourists and adored by the locals. Originally opened in 1956 this local place it’s indeed seafood heaven and this hot spot show no signs of slowing down.

Ramiro tableOn our table: Clam, Oysters and Shrimp á la Aguillo (garlic shrimp)  Watch out for the pile of toasted bread dripping in garlic butter, they are highly addictive.


More deliciousness on our table: carabineros shrimps and oysters


The friendly staff was very efficient, fast, and open to suggestions and recommendations. From beginning to the end of the meal they we all polite and friendly. I recommend you get there early to avoid a very heavy waiting line.




Avenida Almirante Reis 1, +351 21 885 1024, cervejariaramiro.pt




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