G E L I N A Z 2016

This year I had the wonderful privilege to attend the The Grand Gelinaz Shuffle  (Two) in Lisboa. For those unfamiliar with the event,  this is where 40 top cutting edge Chefs form around the world swap lives, identities… and restaurants! Leaving the guest guessing and wondering until they are seated which top chef will be cooking for them. We end up in Lisboa, Portugal, were Alexandre Silva from Restaurant LOCO swapped identity with Thai chef Bo Songvisava from Bo Lan (Bangkok)   Chef Bo from Bo lan BangkokThai chef Bo Songvisava from Bo Lan (Bangkok)   preparing  Lamb Curry together with the LOCO staff 

LAMB CURRYLamb curry, tenderly cook to perfection

SEEFOOD SOUP & RICESeafood soup and rice. Probably one of my favorite dish, a perfect fusion of Thai and Portuguese cuisine

Gelinaz menu 2016The Grand Gelinaz menu for Lisbon restaurant LOCO

Gelinaz 2016 top chef


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