Le Petit Nice – A Jewel By The Sea

Le Petit Nice is a sea-side jewel that can be found in quiet residential zone half way between the beaches and city center of beautiful Marseille. The white Mediterranean setting is sophisticated and airy. The sea views are everywhere, from the moment you arrive you instantly feel connected with the endless skies and vast blue sea.

Beautiful Mediterranean style villa (entrance) 

Chef GÉRALD PASSEDAT brilliantly executes ocean flavors of marine life that have been forgotten. Passedat focuses on details that will take you through the depth of the ocean comfortably while overlooking the waves breaking through the semi-rocky shore. The chef is a master in his own right and my experience at Le Petit Nice was nothing less than magnificent. This three Michelin star restaurant did not disappoint.

My view

Sea bream with bottarga and seaweed jam

Grilled Sole with eggplant


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