img_6162The Araki is a sushi bar focusing entirely on the highest quality of Edomae (Tokyo style) sushi. This nine seater sushi bar is like no other anywhere in Europe, serving only two dinner setting each evening. There is no menu and it is based on the Omakase style which mean (I’ll leave it up to you) a fixed menu. The price does not include beverage and I highly suggest to browse through the short and good wine and sake menu for a degustasion.

Japanese Sushi master Mitsuhiro Araki traded his three michelin-starred sushi bar in Tokyo for something more challenging in New Burlington street, London, already obtaining two star rating and has done an amazing job replicating the experience of a sushi bar in Japan despite the limitation of using only the best and freshest fish of Europe rather than the outstanding produce available in Japan. Nevertheless the quality of the local fish and other ingredients used from local sourcing are impressive and creative as he experiments with traditional European flavours such as caviar, foie gras and truffle. Most of the guests re-book immediately for a second or third visit, we did! 

img_6155-2Master Mitsuhiro Araki working beautifully the knife


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