Fäviken, Exploring The Wild Side


A unique dining experience in the middle of nowhere. Fäviken, is located in a remote 20, 00 acres hunting state, a nature reserve in Jämtland, Sweden. The experience was beyond amazing, to say the least. The talented 31-year-young  Magnus Nilsson implements his Nordic roots into every served dish. The chef and his team preserve, hunt and explore the abundant crops delivered by the surrounding land and his own farm. This young, forward thinking chef is not only adventurous but extremely creative.


faviken-fireplaceCozy by the fire

broth of smokeBroth os smoked and dried reindeer, very fresh curds and crowberries

Wild trout roeWild trout roe served in a crust of dried pig’s  blood

Scallop-farvikenScallop “I skalet ur elden” cooked over burning juniper branches

faviken beautiful nature

Beautiful Swedish nature

The experience was breath taking so embraced yourself for the journey of a lifetime. This is not only the most isolated Michelin starred restaurant in the world but also one of the most adventurous, culinary and geographically, It’s  is like nothing you’ll ever experience.


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