A world-class dinner in the middle of a Mexican jungle

A Night to Remember

In Tulum, Mexico under a canopy of palm trees is the hottest restaurant in the world and I don’t mean just hot and muggy. After the mega success of the pop-up in Tokyo and Noma Sydney, world’s renowned chef Rene Redzepi from Noma restaurant in Copenhagen couldn’t resist the idea of opening a more challenging setup than his latest pop-up restaurant, Noma Mexico.

I visited Noma Copenhagen several times and was always impressed by innovating and creative Rene and his staff was. I missed the Noma pop-up in Tokyo and Australia so having the opportunity to experience Noma Mexico was something I was very much looking forward to.  This tropical Noma setting has stirred more than just soups and outstanding meals. The advertised $600 ticket dollar per person was sold out within 2 hours of its announcement.  Kevin Sintumuang, reporting for Esquire, called “the most enviable meal of the year.” and I couldn’t agree more, this open-air experience was one of a kind. Mr. Redzepi truly stayed true to the local produce as he is known for his unique way to maximize his findings.

Left to right: Flor de Mayo and tamarind, melon clams from the sea of Cortez, and salbute with dried tomatoes and chapulines. –Kisshy Kuefer Photography


The beautiful tropical open-air setting 

Left to right: Cold masa broth with lime and all the flowers of the season, young coconut, and caviar and tropical fruit and chile de àrbol.

                                   Left to right: Chaya taco with fresh Bahia Falsa oyster, whole grilled pumpkin, and tostada with escamol

Left to right:Just cooked octopus with “dzikilpak“, and cerdo pelón and fresh milled corn Yaxunah

Every meal was very special, unique and extremely creative, it was indeed a dreamy introduction to another dimension in Mexican kitchen, making this the most memorable meal of my life.








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