Al Sorriso; A Family Affair

A recent trip took us back to the beautiful region of Piemonte (Piedmont) were we were more than excited to explore the exquisite gastronomy as well as the region’s signature and rare wines.

Al sorrisoMorning bliss, the beautiful countryside from our balcony

Al Sorriso is a cozy traditional Italian pearl next to the lake Orta just 25 minute from Lago maggiore. Owned and stablished in 1981 by the the power couple Angelo and Luisa Valazza. Mr and Mrs Valazza offer an experience most restaurant can dream about. Selftaught and without any special culinary training other than her natural skill, Mrs. Valazza has proven to be a star in the kitchen. Restaurant Director Angelo Lavazza is character in his own right, he does a fantastic job in the dining room making sure you get the best service; as well making sure every guess feel very welcome.

Diner at Al Sorriso Restaurant were we enjoyed the Sinfonia di Stagione menu al sorrisoDinner at Al Sorriso Restaurant were we enjoyed the Sinfonia di Stagione menu












Hotel & Restaurant Al Sorriso






Morning delights

Photo:Kisshy Kuefer © KisshysKitchen

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