NOMA The World’s Best Restaurant 2014

NOMANoma, in Copenhagen, has been voted the world’s Best restaurant this year. At first I was skeptical knowing the other heavy players around; but this Nordic restaurant with no doubt has earned and regained its crown. Réne Redzepi known for his innovative way has taken local and seasonal produce to new heights. “Only food from the soil and sea is served, not merely because it is more authentic to time and place but because it enriches the soul.” Eating here was an experience of it’s own, who would imagine ants on your beef tartar will be used to add special acidity flavor.  Among my favorites of the appetizer were the pickled and smoked quails egg, caramelized milk and cod liver,  white cabbage and samphire, flatbread and roses and last but not least the traditional Danish pancake rendered fluffier and spherical, usually served at Christmas with jam; Æbleskiver and lovage.  The savory fish on this dish is purely Redzepi creation and it might had raised some question on whether it can work but to me this the was like Christmas served during a beautiful Danish Summer.



Pickled and smoked quails egg

white cabbage & samphire

White cabbage and samphire


Caramelized milk and cod liver

Æbleskiver and lovage

Æbleskiver and lovage

Photos: by  ©kisshyskitchen

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